Burlesque Clothing for Performance and Striptease Burlesque dancing:

sexy, artistic, can-can, erotic, decadent, risqué or striptease, amateur or professional, at home or on the stage, whatever you like it’s essential to have the right lingerie. Lingerie that you feel comfortable should ideally be soft, sensual and allows you to move the way you want to move. Beautiful lace combined with flowing silk to make you look and feel sexy and sensuous.

Here at Cosmic Girl we pride ourselves on our range of decadent retro style underwear, suitable for whatever type of burlesque dance you choose. Classic vintage style lingerie that can be modified for your specific purpose and need, whether that be quick remove Velcro or a more alluring slow remove press stud, we can accommodate your artistic or personal desires. Cosmic Girl is currently developing a new range of burlesque dance clothing and would appreciate feedback from both existing customers and potential clients in both the amateur and professional sector as well as private buyers to help us enhance our range so that we may offer a tailor made service to supply the best performance designed lingerie.
What would you like to see? What would you like to wear? How can our clothing better accommodate your needs?
Contact us now in the form below and let us work together to bring our beautiful vintage retro lingerie to the forefront of burlesque dancers everywhere.

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