We have teamed up with Gio stockings! This gives you the chance to get your complete Lingerie set including the most desirable stockings on the market!

We have kept our “made in England” motto by joining with one of the last British stockings manufacturers in the UK. Lucky for us, they are just a stone’s throw away from our Derby factory in Heanor!

We are selling their core collections, including RHT (reinforced heel and toe) seamed and seamless stockings. Fully fashioned in the desired Cuban and point heels.
We will have these styles in a variety of popular colours, black, bronze, chocolate, natural and pewter.

Stockings are always to be worn and held up with a suspender belt, girdle or corselette and we realised this is the same the other way around. Our customers needed a stocking to complete their order and we wouldn’t accept anything less than the best!

Gio makes some of the most authentic and high-quality items of legwear in the world, and they are one of the few hoisery manufacturers left still making items in England.
Their RHT stockings are one of their most gorgeous items yet. It is a realistic and authentic recreation of the most classic kind of stocking, and it features the best leap forward in legwear technology too, the RHT. The toes and heel are both reinforced here to create a strong and sturdy item of legwear, one that won’t get ladders or holes around the most wear and tear areas. They are some of Gio’s most sturdy and robust stockings and we absolutely love them.

Their Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT) stockings are manufactured on original Pendolina knitting machines and hand seamed on our Union Special cup seamers. These are a popular style for those wanting the 1950’s look with a seam but without a heel design. They are sheer 15 denier stockings made from 100% Nylon with a Reinforced Heel and Toe. We have an excellent colour choice in the 4 core colours – black, chocolate, bronze and natural.
Always pair these stockings with a suspender belt, Girdle or one of our many Corselettes.

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