Cosmic Girl feels it’s time for all her devotees to cloak themselves in all their feminine power to fight off the forces that have weakened our world.


The Silver Widow collection is to thwart dark forces by playing them at their own game.

What better time to do that than now… All Hallows’ eve is nearly upon us


Our collection encompasses Retro style ‘pointy’ Classic Bra, Deep Suspender Belt, our brand new Bottomless Open Girdle Corselette and High Leg Briefs,

(We have gone higher on the cut of our High Waisted Briefs so it shows more of your leg and less of your knicker line.)

Treat yourself to a Vintage Style Silver Widow Girdle.

And if you wondered where our spider web lace came from …. It was of cause spun by Spiders from Mars.

@jessica_habit @focusfx1

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