Take a look at our retro-inspired Suzette Babydoll Nighty set.
So many people reported they loved the saucy, seaside postcard style of Suzette so we now adding in more sparkling lace and ribbon combinations.
Suzette is styled in stretch tulle which is deliciously soft to touch and easy to move around in.
This is authentic Retro Glamour paying tribute to our own sexy British pinup film stars such as Diana Dors and Liz Frazer…. And remember all our clothes are made with traditional craftsmanship in Derbyshire from exactly the same factory that saw the love for the Babydoll nightly the first time around.
Suzette comes as a set with a Thong Panty with a matching lace panel.
Supply of the different laces is limited so there can only be a limited number of sets made making Suzette even more exclusive.