Satin – The benefits of sleeping in satin

Hi there earthlings, Cosmic Girl here I have discovered the perfect material for sleeping like a baby, it’s cool and refreshing yet provides just enough warmth. It’s comfortable, soft to touch, it’s elegant and glamorous and glides so gently over your skin it leaves no creases or fold marks so it’s really kind to sensitive skin. It doesn’t absorb moisturising creams and doesn’t rob your skin of natural oils, its vegan friendly and cruelty free to animals too. Satin, that’s what I am talking about …. glorious satin. Believe it or not satin namely silk satin has been around since the middle ages when it was an expensive luxury only available to the upper classes, it was made famous in europe in the 12th century. The name satin originates from the chinese port city of Quanzhou whose medieval name in arabic is Zayton. In the late Middle Ages Quanzhou was a major shipping port of silk, using the maritime silk road to reach Europe. Satin was mostly used in Arabian countries. Rayon known as artificial silk deserves a worthy mention in the hall of fame for a silk style material. Manufactured in America from 1911 it was the first of manmade fibres – beautifully lustrous it gave a touch of glamour to clothing and accessories but was tricky to care for. Since the 1940s man made satin from polyester revolutionised the availability of a easy-care silk style material produced efficiently making it affordable and so is now within the reach of everyone. Cosmic Girl Satin Nightwear You too can have this little piece of luxury in your wardrobe. Here at Cosmic Girl Clothing we have been busy creating our very own line of satin nightwear and lingerie, just for you, whether you prefer a nightdress, be it long or short, a cami and french knickers or even a playsuit, whatever your style we have something for you at an affordable price. Cosmic Girl Clothing Robe Satin So now everyone can be as comfortable and cool as me at night. Head on over to our shop and take a look at what’s on offer, I promise you won’t be disappointed.