Ye Olde Singer 451k31 – The Cosmic Girl Friller

In our quest to preserve the original style features from the 1950s/60s/70s Cosmic Girl Clothing has tasked her British manufacturers Jeptex to get back to authentic lingerie production. Jeptex were making baby doll nighties with matching robes all through the 1960s and the standout feature was the frothy frill edging.
Cosmic Girl Clothing is committed to the resurrection of styles from days long gone and decided that baby doll nightie and its matching frilly robe need to be brought back to life in its original form jetting in from the 1960’s.
How was this to be achieved? The emergence of loungewear and the demise luxury finishing touches such as lace during the eighties lead to abandonment of the sewing machines that made everything. Even we were guilty of such a heinous crime, our beloved Singer which lay unused for decades was finally dumped 5 years ago Argh!!!!!

The Singer 451k31 has a differential feed which means it has two sets of feeders operating at different speeds, the front feed runs slightly faster than the rear gathering the lace as it is sewn onto the garment. It really is a magical process to behold!

When Cosmic Girl said that she needed frills the only thing to do was track down this rare piece of sewing history, a Singer 451k31. 

So began a painstaking and frustrating call to all the sewing machine outlets across the UK. Weeks went by with no luck, no one could find the elusive beast, and no one could offer alternatives. It looked as though our search was in vain and the styles would have to remain in the pattern books of yesteryear.

However, on a dark and stormy November afternoon, Mr. Richard Woodhouse of the esteemed RJ Woodhouse sewing machine company rang me to say he actually found a 1960 ‘s Singer friller. What a miracle! In his garage under some old car engine parts, there she lay, in terrible condition with no motor, bench or foot. This treasure was now to be reborn.

Richard personally undertook the renovation. Dismantling the piece was not easy as screws were worn, and seals were welded closed. After 3 weeks of love and attention, sporting a new bench and motor the machine was finally presented to the factory on December 23 rd., 2 days before Christmas. The best present we have ever had!

The faces of our seamstresses were a sight to behold when they saw the old Singer. They could not wait to get started. Now after months of searching and development we can finally present our authentic collection of frilly baby dolls to the world.

Enjoy our Electra and Mistress styles, they are incredibly sexy and comfortable and will have pulses racing. And whilst you are wafting your frills, smooching around the boudoir give a little smile and remember our olde Singer 451k31 she would appreciate your love!