What makes space girls so attractive?

Is it the image of a tall, slim scantily figure with unruly long curly hair. Or is it the clothing, a cone bra above a tight fitting mini skirt all made from shiny silver fabric with straight lines and sharp edges, wearing thigh length 6 inch silver stiletto heels. Or is it the equipment, a ray gun on a near naked hip and a rocket bike between her legs. Or is it the hero image, the strength, super natural and super human powers, the hard exterior combined with the inner loving, cherishing centre that makes these women attractive. Space Girls Jane Fonda barbarella Cosmic Girl Well, it’s all those things combined into one amazing package of female brilliance, the I don’t need a man image that make most women think ‘yea, I wanna be like her’ and the scantily clad well proportioned body that make guys think ‘yea, I’d like to be her arm candy’. The word for that is INDEPENDENT, these women, whatever shape, size, style, colour, or power are independent, they don’t need a man, they don’t need anyone, they can look after themselves and the kids and do the chores and save the earth all at the same time. That’s what makes these beautiful women so attractive to boys, teenagers and adults alike across the globe, no matter of gender or politics. The truth of it is, it doesn’t matter what size or what colour hair, all women are from outer space, they are all beautiful, powerful and intelligent. Just remember to treat her like that or you may just feel the barrel of her ray gun when you least expect it.